We spend a huge amount of time indoors. What surrounds us every day influences our mood, and how we perceive the world around us.
Frank Lloyd Wright compared a house to a sophisticated mechanical impression of a human body. The structure of the house is like a collection of cells, The interiors can either be “very hungry” or “too full”. As we work with our bodies to keep them healthy, make them look & function better, we do the same with our homes. They should express our personality and match our life style. With the help of experts in the field all this can be achieved and the house/flat/work space will not only be functional but also beautiful.  What is most important for us, the Designers, is creating a space that is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Practicality should not be boring, it should add to the beauty and the character of the place and its inhabitants.
REbelle Concept was created in 2016 and our take on design is a bit rebellious and unconventional, a combination of a strong masculine character, expressed through raw industrial elements, with softer, more sublime feminine touches, that add to the beauty of the look.
Who we are?  Iza – Architect, Interior Designer. Jarek – Engineer, Jack of All trades, who supports Iza in realisation of her craziest concepts. Best Friends who married in 2012.